Director, Editor, Videographer

I am a hard worker with a positive attitude. I work hard and quickly and pride myself on my friendly and helpful attitude. I will make sure to provide the most positive and comfortable experience to clients and co-workers. I am responsible and reliable, and work well in fast-moving environments.

View My Directing Reel:

This directing reel contains some of the best clips from most of my directed films, including The Stanley Parable, Spectral, Delinea (Unreleased), Matrix Re-Directed, The Fandom Zone, and Stranded.


My Recent Projects

Spectral – A Short Film by Alec Main

Colorado Film School

From a re-imagining of Stranded, we follow the autistic Keaton Walker, after moving to a new town with his autistic girlfriend Dolly, meeting the new neighbors and discovering something strange afoot

THE STANLEY PARABLE – A Short Film By Alec Main

Warren Tech

In hype for The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe, I decided to create a short film based on one of my favorite computer games ever made! This was the first short film that I have edited myself, so I hope you all enjoy it!

Stranded – A Short Film by Alec Main


Colorado Film School

This was one of the two projects I worked on for my film school and is my first dip into the horror/thriller genre. I’ve always wanted to make a more serious short film for a while now, and my class mid-term gave me the perfect excuse to test my skills! Overall, I’m happy with how it turned out, and I hope you all enjoy it!

Trailer Editing

Warren Tech

Even though I couldn’t enter the contest due to my age, I still wanted to make my own trailer in adobe premiere pro. This ended up taking almost 2 weeks for me to finish. So now I present to you my own Terminator Dark Fate Trailer! #CREATEYOURFATE

NOTE: All dialogue and footage from the Terminator Dark Fate movie were given to me through the adobe “Create Your Own Fate” contest. I do not own the assets for Terminator Judgment Day. All rights go to Paramount/James Cameron and Adobe for Terminator Dark Fate and Judgement Day Footage + Sound, as well as the Terminator franchise.