Techincal Skills

Skillset Examples

Video Editing

These videos provide examples of some of the most complicated video editing that I have done, with projects ranging from the serious to the ridiculous, this alone should give insight into my style and range of editing capabilities.

Terminator trailer – an online challenge to make a Terminator trailer with the footage provided


I also have a bit of experience in Cinematography. These examples provide some of the best examples of my style. The first example is a film made during the pandemic, when limited resources were available, however the second example is a documentary entirely shot and edited by me.

Scriptwriting (TV, Movie and Games)

I have written many screenplays over the years. Some ranging from the serious to the ridiculous and from the personal to the action packed. My range is vast and I can tackle any project with as much passion and care as possible. Not only have I wiritten plenty of short form screenplays, but I also have written a full length feature script and collaborated with others on an interactive games script.

Screenplays I’ve written for include, but not limited to, Spectral, The Stanley Parable Short Film, Stranded, Time Loop, Delinea, and more!